Didgeridoo Dreaming


The Australian aboriginal didgeridoo is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world. Said to produce higher states of awareness and trance, anthropologists say it may have been used in aboriginal rituals as early as 40,000 years ago. Circular breathing (breathing in and out at the same time), and a variety of vocal and tonguing techniques allow the player to produce a rich drone, full of overtones and countless textures, with many rhythmic elements. The emphasis on the full and supported breath give playing the didgeridoo all the benefits of breath therapy; indeed playing the instrument has helped or even cured asthma.  

Daniel Orlansky has been playing the the didgeridoo for 25 years both in America and Europe. He has performed in many locations, notably at Berklee College of Music, Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, the Boston Jazz Festival, the Cambridge River Festival, and for the Boston Ballet and many local dance companies.

Daniel can be contacted at

orlans@mac.com or 617 510-3562